Sun Ray is your most reliable halogen free unclad laminate supplier,

98% of FPC manufacturers, root of company’s name with “flex”,

in Taiwan designate us.


Available Color: YELLOW & BLACK

Sun Ray Electric Material Co., Ltd

emphasizes high quality of Epoxy Glass Fiber Unclad Laminate.

With vacuum laminating machine, hot-cold moving system, and state of art laminating techniques in order to make sure the uniformity of thickness and prevent the bubbles on the laminate.

Perfect flatness, accurate thickness tolerance, high mechanical strength

Halogen Free Epoxy Glass Fiber Unclad Laminate/Environmental Laminate/Lead Free

is mostly applied in stiffener of FPC or IC assembly/IC package.

When burning the substance of low halogen, it would not easily causing hazardous substance,

such as hydrogen halide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

For the concern of halogen when receiving the laminate, Sun Ray will provide halogen free test report

to customer before delivery.

Sun Ray’s Halogen Free Epoxy Glass Fiber Unclad Laminate has passed REACH and is certified

SGS every year.

Reasons for you to choose our Halogen Free:
◎Perfect flatness
◎Accurate thickness tolerance
◎High mechanical strength
◎Halogen free guarantee
◎Efficient delivery time
◎Reasonable price